🎨Shop Design

Your online shop is more than just a digital product list. We've got 5 fantastic tips to enhance your customers' journey through your entire product range.

1. Add Pictures: Showcase your products through high-quality images. Help your customers navigate with a quick skim for what they are looking for.

2. Use Promotional Campaigns: Using promotional campaigns automatically draws attention to products with the "Recommended" label. Consider enticing offers like "1+1 Free" to upsell and increase order values. Find out more about using promotional campaigns here.

3. Provide Clear Units: Make sure your products are presented with clarity. Detailed descriptions, order units, and clear settings will help customers find exactly what they are looking for.

4. Add Tags: Providing tags with information your customers need at a glance speeds up the ordering process and prevents disappointment later down the line.

5. Design Category Thumbnails: First impressions matter! Ensure your category thumbnails are engaging and representative of what's inside. Upload your images in the Orderlion settings. Check out the post on Managing Products and Prices to learn how to upload images to your product categories.

Set up you online shop for success

Implement these strategies so that your customers can eagerly explore your online shop's full variety of offerings.

Wondering how your customers see your shop? Access the customer's view simply by going to your customer log and click on: Customer shop preview.

And we have a bonus tip for you:

Create a favourites & frequently ordered list for your customer.

Help customers navigate through your product list and find what you know they are looking for in their favourite products list. Simply go to the customers tab and click on ADD FAVOURITE PRODUCTS. Your customer can modify this list as well.

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