🎩Import Wizard

The Import Wizard is used to import or revise product items with all supported attributes of Orderlion, especially Orderlion is not integrated/synced with an ERP.

Basis: A file containing product information in Excel or CSV format. This template can be downloaded in Step 3 or exported from the ERP.

What information should my file contain?

  • Product number

  • Product name

  • Order units

  • Price

Here's how:

Start by clicking on Import Assistant in the Article tab in the top right corner.

1) Scope: For whom do you want to make changes?

Define whether the imported products affect all customers or a specific assortment.

2) Changes: What would you like to change?

Decide whether you want to create or edit an assortment, or just update prices. For price adjustments, products not part of the import remain untouched. For assortment changes, the standard assortment is updated, limiting the products a customer can order, and new products are added.

3) Upload a product information file

Upload a file with product information. You can also find an Excel file as a template for editing under "Download product list of Standard Product Range."

4) Define columns:

Assign the correct definition to the columns. This step is skipped if the Orderlion template is used, but it is recommended to go back and review it.

5) Update method:

What should happen to products that are part of the assortment but not included in this import? Choose how to handle products that are part of the assortment but not included in the current import. You can choose whether missing products should be kept or deactivated in the assortment.

  • Keep: Products not part of the import remain active. No products or prices are deactivated or deleted.

  • Disable: Products and prices not included in the current import are disabled.

6) or 5) Products preview:

Check the preview of your assortment in the webshop. Press "Read Files" to complete the import.

Click "Read Files" to complete the import.


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