❓Invite customers: FAQ

1. One User, Multiple Locations:

If a user needs to order from multiple locations, they will receive invitations for each respective location. However, they should only accept one invitation during the registration process. After setting their password, they can access the supplier shop and accept invitations after placing orders. They can select the desired location for ordering before viewing products.

2. Client Not Receiving Invitation:

If a client doesn't receive an invitation, follow these steps:

  • Check the invite status.

  • Share the invite code with the client.

  • Download the Orderlion app.

  • Register and proceed to place an order.

3. Inviting Multiple Users at Once:

To invite multiple users simultaneously:

  • Use the checkbox next to each customer's name to select multiple customers.

  • Then, choose the desired function from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Find instructions at Invitations via the Portal

4. My customer wants to order from several suppliers via Orderlion:

We support multiple suppliers for one user. This means that you customer can order from different suppliers (you and another one) via the same app.

You can simply follow the same steps to invite the customer as per usual.

When the customer accepts the invitation and logs into Orderlion, they are directed to a screen where they have to select from which supplier they want to order from before they are directed to the respective online shop.

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