➑️Browser extension for WhatsApp order forwarding

We have developed a browser extention that allows you to send any text on any website (i.e., order that you received online) to your Inbox. Originally desigend for WhatsApp orders.

Download: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/orderlion-extension/fcnpcoddhbbooiedjedmmohpjnlfapbd?hl=de&pli=1

Installing the extension:

  1. Click on "Add to Chrome"

  2. After successful installation, a webpage is automatically opened to confirm the successful installation.

  3. On this page, click on "Open Orderlion to Sync". Automatically syncs with Orderlion account that is currentl logged into Orderlion on your computer.

  4. The webpage should now read "You have successfully connected your Orderlion Account!"

Using the extension in WhatsApp:

Once the extension has been installed and synced, you are ready to go.

  1. Simply go to WhatsApp.

  2. Find the order and select the message. Then, an Orderlion icon will appear.

  3. Click on "Send to Inbox" as the item appears.

  4. The message is automtically sent to you Inbox, including the information of the sender.

  5. In Inbox, select the customer when you send an order from them for the first time. For the next time, Inbox will already know the buyer.

Note: the extension also works on any website where you received an order. However, the icon only appears in WhatsApp. To forward the text from any other page:

  1. Select the text

  2. Right click so the menu opens

  3. Select the menu entry "send to Inbox"

  4. You will find the text in the Inbox, but with the sender "Orderlion Extention."

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