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In the billing portal, you can update your company information and payment details or access bills in the billing portal.

At Orderlion, we use Chargebee for sending you invoices. Via the billing portal of Chargebee, you can add and update your account information.

On this wiki page, you will learn how to enter the billing portal, how to add and change your account, billing and payment information as well as accessing your billing history. Last, we will briefly explain the billing process at Orderlion.

How to enter the billing portal

You can enter the billing portal via Orderlion or directly via this link: https://orderlion-eu.chargebeeportal.com.

  1. To enter the billing portal via Orderlion, click on the dropdown menu behind your company logo and click on Billing portal. A new page will open.

  2. On the new page, enter your email address that is linked to your subscription and click on continue.

    It is usually the email address of the person who signed the contract with Orderlion or the admin user of Orderlion. If you want to change the email address of your billing user, please reach out to billing@orderlion.com.

  3. Now, you should have received a one-time password via email to the email address you just entered. Enter the password and click on login.

  4. Now you are logged in to the billing portal. Here you can manage your subscription including your company information, your billing and shipping address, your payment methods as well as your invoices.

Update your account information or shipping address the billing portal

For you to receive valid invoices, it is essential that you provide a correct address and VAT number. While we try our best to enter as many details for you as possible as soon as you signed the quote with us, we urge you to control and update information that is not publicly available, such as your VAT number yourself.

To update your account information or shipping address, click on the respective link and fill in your information:

In account information, you can update your Name and email, as well as the language you want ot receive invoices in.

In billing address, you can add your company name, address and VAT number. It is particularly important that you add your VAT number as this information is not always publicly available and it is required to apply the correct taxes to your invoices.

Here is an example:

Update your payment method in the billing portal

In order to start your subscription, we require you to provide a valid payment method. You have two options:

  • Credit Card

  • SEPA mandate via Stripe (for EUR and CHF) or direct debit via GoCardless (for GBP)

Simply fill out the details from your card or account and confirm the payment method. If you are chosinga direct debit with GoCardless from your bank account, you will be redirected to the GoCardless interface. Please add and verify your payment details there.

By adding the payment method here, you authorize Orderlion GmbH to save this payment method and automatically charge this payment method whenever a subscription is associated with it.

NOTE: If you do not add a payment method, your subscription cannot start.

Check out your billing history in the billing portal

Last, the billing portal allows you to see and download all of your invoices. Simply navigate to "Billing history" and download the required document.

The billing process at Orderlion

Each month, you will receive your invoice from billing@orderlion.com via email.

Please check that the invoice is correct and that you receive it on the correct email account. We can change the email that receives the invoice anytime or add additional billing contacts.

The moment you receive your invoice, an automated process is started and your card/account is debited with the invoice amount. When your card is charged and the invoice has been settled, your invoice will be marked as paid automatically via our billing software.

If you have any questions about payments and invoices, please do not hesitate to reach out to billing@orderlion.com via email.

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